Science Fiction Freak

You navigate the streets with all the unconcern that familiarity musters. Here you are, walking past the burnished railings of the cemetery, absently brushing against the small groups of whoevers that congregate at the street corners – Morlocks from an H.G. Wells novel, maybe, or the rump of a heavily-routed army. Severed strings of discoloured … Continue reading Science Fiction Freak

Space. Tits. Etc

This isn’t a blog about slogans for T-Shirts that I’ve dreamt up, felt terribly clever about, then stored away unused in some dusty corner of my brain; of what Morrissey once deliciously described as the “mind’s landscape” – somewhere rarely visited, out by the bins. Still, I’ve always fancied Don’t Be A Moron, Put Radio … Continue reading Space. Tits. Etc