Albums Of The Year

3 thoughts on “Albums Of The Year”

  1. It really is all about perspective and personal taste …. I found most UK “indie” music from 1984 until the first Roses album pretty much dull beyond compare (with the honourable exception of The House of Love)

    Only after hearing “Fool’s Gold” was my love of guitar music rekindled. These days, can listen to The Smiths and a few others, but still fail to see what the fuss was about

    1. It’s such a complex beast; why certain records (or piles of vinyl) work for some and not for others. You can get into a serious id-exposure gig, attempting to quantify something as personal as your album collection.

      For example: The Stone Roses have never, ever grasped me in anything other than a fleeting embrace. Where-as the nuance behind the fey indie-pop of the mid-to-late eighties is something of wonder – check out the first Field Mice album.

  2. Aah … you remind me that there are a few more exceptions … I now own just about everything ever recorded by The Field Mice and Trembling Blue Stars, together with almost all of the Shinkansen catalogue

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