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Behold: A Cavalcade of Pop. Lovely, Shiny Pop…

    Oh, you and your pop sensibilities. Immediate, and disposable, and fun. Because more than any other medium, pop represents singularity. A celebration of being alive, for just that very instant, and no-one need care about the consequences (for whatever they are, we won’t have to face them until the run-out groove).   Pop … Continue reading


Bedrooms, Not Boardrooms – A Meditation upon Indie Pop

    Last time out on this site, without too much success, we attempted to dig a little deeper into notions of goth. Scratching around for a definition, some route straight through all that dry ice.   Which kind of got me thinking; is it any easier to agree the characteristics of something wider? Indie, … Continue reading


The Looks and the Lifestyle – Exploring the Sounds of Autumn Goth

    November. Daylight the colour of slate, dark hours to brew a wanton fog, something lurking, just out of sight…   Which is cliché writ large, for sure. As if the world needs a dodgy music blog to start pontificating on how autumn into winter appeals to the darker side of the human psyche. … Continue reading


LGM vs Black Holes and Revelations. Or why Muse represent the End Time.

    2006. Nominated for a Mercury. #3 in the NME year-end list. #2 in Kerrang!, #2 in Q magazine. And the night does fall, the gravity begins to fail; And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome … Continue reading


Morrissey: A Definitive Top Ten – Part Two

Previously on LGM – part one is here – we pretty much established that drafting a list of Morrissey’s finest moments is a foolhardy endeavour. We’re dealing with too much subjectivity; you’ll have your favourites, I’ll have mine, and we’ll all be for changing our mind by cocktail hour. Recently you would have spotted me … Continue reading


Morrissey: A Definitive Top Ten – Part One

  Having pondered some kind of Morrissey Top Ten for a while. Because we talked about it down the pub. Because it sounded like a good idea at the time. Because it’s the music blog easy option; a stock character choice of format in which instinct and reflex are as important as thought, and no-one … Continue reading

And All Those Wistful Patterns: LGM vs Whirlpool By Chapterhouse

When it comes to records held dear there’s always the risk of cheap nostalgia interfering with the bond. Because musical appreciation is an evolving construct. A subtle process, for sure – nudged by circumstance, experience, and whatever was on the stereo that time your would-be lover first took you in their arms – but a … Continue reading

LGM’s Ten Rules Of The Successful Cover Version

What with the girls and guys over at 6Music busy celebrating the joys of the cover version this week, the thought bubbles springing up in the LGM compound suggest that it pays to be wary. It pays to be wary of most things, of course, cynicism good company when the nights are long and the … Continue reading

Your Cheap Addams Family Jibe: LGM on Adore, By The Smashing Pumpkins

“The problem with this particular Smashing Pumpkins disc being…” Actually, that’s not a grand place to start; should you be named Billy Corgan, and therefore harbour an understanding of life, love and miscellaneous that doesn’t necessarily segue with the views held by the rest of us, messy records full of oblique context are invariably one … Continue reading

Is There Time? Dubnobasswithmyheadman (1994), Revisited

Records. And resonation. Because it’s never just a slab of vinyl you hold in your hands; it’s an integral part of who we are. And who we were, back when the sunlight fell in different patterns, and a fresh face always smiled back from the mirror. Below, Comrade Colin over at And Before the First … Continue reading

Coltrane (Regretfully) Not Invited – LGM vs Giant Steps. By The Boo Radleys.

Just your usual noise machine beat combo blow-out; invention and unorthodoxy blasted apart by the perambulations taken by career trajectory. “Shoegazing poo with trumpets”, laughed the band (which by any measure was never entirely the case); fascinating records cloaked in fug, and reverb, and Sice’s immaculate, vernal-doused vocals. The early EPs, Icabod and I (now … Continue reading

John Moore: ‘Lo-Fi Lullabies’ and ‘Floral Tributes’, Reviewed

Another late-night bar. Always late-night bars (by soundtrack if not by actual presence). Give me Gitanes; black coffee after the cheap gin. We’ve exhausted all The Cramps discs on the jukebox – nothing remaining but the Jake Thackray before we call it quits. And all the merchant seamen have set for sail, the hookers, the … Continue reading

The Twisted Name On Garbo’s Eyes: LGM on Bowie’s Hunky Dory

Records as opening point. As gateway; the route straight through. Beneath mould-coloured skies and the bricolage of teenhood, back when no-one cared for vinyl and Camus was read in his native tongue – each word understood, the sentiment less so. The devils were busy downgrading to compact disc, their LPs dumped like never-loved puppies; these … Continue reading

Confessions Of An Ageing Record Whore

I get home. Pour a large glass of wine (red; a preference for malbec), stick a record on. Any record will do; I’ve long since quit any pretence at alphabetising. LPs sit on shelves, in stacks on the floor by the turntable, lost in alcoves after hiding them whilst a little tipsy, ready to be … Continue reading

Announcing LGM’s Favourite Album Of 2014, Just A Few Months Early

Because I’m a music blogger, and therefore possess zero imagination, you’ll usually find me each December penning over-elaborate paeans to LPs released during the previous twelve months. Culminating in a 2,000 word treatise with an Album of the Year bent. This year, however, is different. Because I already know the title of 2014′s best in … Continue reading

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