In Search of the Greatest Ever Pop Song

4 thoughts on “In Search of the Greatest Ever Pop Song”

  1. You’ve opened up a can of worms here but as soon as I read the premise my first thought was “I Say A Little Prayer”.I couldn’t tell you why (though when I finish this bottle of wine I should be able to give a convincing,if incoherent argument),but maybe that’s the point.Maybe ask what the first great pop song was?

    1. A can of worms for sure (I’ve already received a firm nomination for ‘Be My Baby’ – just as strong a recommendation as ‘I Say A Little Prayer’). Of course there’s a stunning degree of subjectivity about all of this (and I’m expecting a degree of disbelief when I write a screed about what I consider to be the greatest pop song) – perhaps I do need to drag all of us down the pub for a full day’s debate, just to ensure we get things right…

  2. Hmm…didn’t Blur record ‘Popscene’?…anyhow, I digress…
    It’s hard to reduce it to one, it’s like asking what your favourite word is.
    That said, Kylie ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ gets my vote.

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