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This is a music blog. Words propelled by records – vinyl, obviously – and the sheer intoxication that the listening process provides. That sacrosanct relationship between song and listener, between album and listener, the intimate (and infinite) space between the headphones or the turntable speakers.

Of featured bands, they’re many. Think delicious slabs of jangly guitar. Intricate electronica, stuff from the left-field and from Mrs Morrissey’s loins. Think Cornershop, King Creosote, and bands with first-hand knowledge of the shoegaze gravity well. Think Magnetic Fields, Luke Haines, and (of course), the band who gifted this blog its name. There’s a search option, top right and a list of recent articles, far right; use and abuse.

Lazer Guided Melody can be engaged via Twitter during office hours and drunken hours at @lazerguidedblog. Why not tell me how great that obscure record from 1988 is… or maybe just challenge me to a duel; that might be fun.

(And finally – as a taster, or perhaps an indication of the only think I’ve written I’m actually proud of – an Appreciation of the life and works Iain Banks, published whilst he was still alive. Sorely missed).


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