6 thoughts on “Pastelism”

  1. Sounds like a great show. ‘Nothing to be done’ is my favourite track, likely because it was the song that introduced me to The Pastels via a cover done by Teenage Fanclub for a Select magazine compilation cassette tape, now forever lost to me….

    1. And an excellent version it is too (The Fannie’s cover). Obviously Gerry was present (he’s played bass for The Pastels for a few years) – as was a very dapper Norman Blake (although sadly he didn’t clamber up to join the band this time). That’s one of the great things about Glasgow – it’s rare not to go to a gig and bump into so-and-so from this band or that.

      Teenage Fanclub version:

      1. Nice. Hasn’t Norman Blake moved to Canada though? I thought I heard he married a Canadian woman and moved to Kitchener.

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